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Building Business Credit for Creatives

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Building Business Credit for Creatives

Qiana S.
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Investing in your business is one of the most strategic and productive financial decisions you can make. But unfortunately, we often think investing means we have to utilize our own money.

What if you could invest in your business by utilizing other people's money and leveraging business credit.

Imagine the possibilities of growing your business without affecting your personal credit, maxing out your credit cards, or going broke in the process of building your dreams.

Do you want to open a photography studio?

Open a wedding venue?

Or maybe you need funding for your business to scale and grow.

As creative entrepreneurs, we have so many brilliant ideas, but sometimes the lack of funds is the very thing that will hold you back.

Guess what?! You have options!

 Building Business Credit for Creatives is full of value!

Learn how to: 

  • Properly structure your business
  • Get a valid business address
  • Obtain your Duns Number & Why you need one
  • Find your NAICS code
  • Understand credit terminology
  • Find Tradeline Vendors

and more!

Plus, you get continuous support along your credit-building journey by joining the FREE community as an official BCC member! Access is granted only to those that purchase the E-book.

Some people may think that credit is another way to get into debt. However, having a plan and a strategy on how you plan to utilize and leverage other people's money (credit) is the actual play.

Our Story; My husband and I started our family-owned and operated rental company.

We specialize in short and long-term rentals. We were able to furnish our first unit entirely on credit! Imagine having to come out of pocket to do that.

On top of our bills and we got kids! LOL.

No, thank you! We learned about business credit and fast. We had a plan, and we executed it. Our STR revenue is what pays back what we used in credit.

I'm so excited for you and can't wait to see you in the group.



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